How It All Happened…

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, Doug studied music and played trumpet and piano while helping local bands record. After relocating to Los Angeles to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Music, Doug began to hone his engineering skills when he obtained a position as a second engineer at the legendary Cherokee Studios in Hollywood. “I basically talked my way into the position, having no previous real engineering experience.” Doug left the interview with a pile of manuals secretly borrowed from the tech staff and began a trial by fire the next day on his first session. “Working with the owners of the studio, the Robb brothers, really gave me a great understanding of the process of how to properly record and mix great sounding music”. Soon he began to look for a more cutting edge facility, and moved to one of LA’s top studios, The Record Plant. “I loved the gear and the clients….but the owners and the staff dynamic left me cold…so after 6 months or so I moved to the boutique mixing facility Scream Studio owned by Randy Alpert. I was the only engineer on staff…so I worked every session. We didn’t even have a tech staff or runners, just a girl to answer the phones…so I was wearing quite a few hats in those days.” Doug’s work began to catch the ear of many of the studio’s top clients, including Don Gehman, David Kahne, Michael Wagner, Josh Abraham, and Stephen Lironi, all of whom subsequently hired Doug to record and mix projects and helped launch his career.

Doug Trantow is now an established music Producer/Engineer/Mixer who has worked with many of the music industries top Musical Artists and Producers in the United States, Canada, Britian, and Russia. Boasting an extremely diverse discography encompassing artists ranging from Tracy Chapman to Hanson to Nine Inch Nails, Doug has been able to show that musical knowledge and sound shaping are integral to the creation of lasting music recordings regardless of genre or style.

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